ChartIt Features

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Features offered by ChartIt include...

  • Predefined Data Sources
        - user accounts can have their data connection strings predefined with login.
  • Dynamic Data Source Selection
        - data sources can be accessed dynamically thru the use of a connection string.
  • Flexible Element Selector
        - allows for easy selection of database subsets quickly showing available data in subsets selected.
  • Multi Select Element Selector
        - allows for data to be constrained to multiple values on one field.
  • Seamless Chart Type Conversion
        - allows for easy change of one chart type to another.
  • Easy Axis Rotation
        - allows for easy data view alteration.
  • Calculations
        - allows % of Chart Group and % of Chart Page as calculations.
  • Multi Page Charts
        - allows for easy arrangement of multiple pages of a chart within one chart space section. Each page differs by its selection on the 'Page Dimension'.
  • Multi Charts
        - allows for multiple Charts to be defined and positioned.
  • PreSets
        - allows for easy Save and Restore of Data Source, Data Selection, and Chart and Grid Parameter settings.
  • Excel Export Functionality
        - provides for easy export of data to Excel.
  • Print Preview
        - allows printing of Chart(s) to a printer.
  • Same Scaling across Multiple Page Charts
        - optionally allows auto-scaling across any number of pages in a 'Multi Page Chart'.
  • BiScale Charting
        - optionally allows selected data to be charted according to two separate scales.
  • Separate Chart and Grid Displays
        - Charts and Grids are displayed and controled thru two different panels and sets of parameters.
  • Trend Lines
        - shows average trends that can be displayed across time.
  • Flexible Sorting
        - allows for sorting of Chart Pieces, Chart Groups, by Element Titles or Data Values.

plus many more...