Version Enhancements

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Version 2.8.0 release:
  1. Corrected MDA build from source columns with interspersed blanks in column titles.
Version 2.7.9 release:
  1. Altered 3D Pie Wedge Display.
Version 2.7.8 release:
  1. Added Database Editing option to add Image_Location to MDA Database Elements.
  2. Added Images as an optional Plot Piece fill type for MDA Databases.
Version 2.7.7 release:
  1. Altered size of Element Selection menus - Organization, SearchByAttribute, ExcelOut (in ET and MDA)
Version 2.7.6 rerelease:
  1. Added Legend Suppress Option and Legend with Tabular Underneath Option
  2. Added MDA Access Default Database to Preferences
  3. Altered Plot Part Positioning
  4. Consolidated Code
  5. Corrected Database Open issues with multple Databases in use
  6. Corrected Multi-Page Plot Positioning
  7. Corrected Tool Tips
Version 2.7.5 release:
  1. Added ToolTips for TabularUnderLines
  2. Altered Default Positioning for Plot Parts
  3. Altered Annotation to allow multiple Main Titles and Footnotes
  4. Altered Annotations to Count 1-N
Version 2.7.4 release:
  1. Added Main Title and Footnote in Annotations
  2. Added menu items 'All Text Groups' Fonts & Font Colors
  3. Altered Annotation Definition Form
  4. Altered Multi-Page Plot reporting
  5. Altered Table and View Selections when reporting from non MDA Sql Data Sources
  6. Altered Restore for plots reporting from non MDA Sql Data Sources
  7. Updated Help
Version 2.7.3 release:
  1. Added Multi-Plots Positioning menu
  2. Altered Initial Opening
  3. Altered Sort menu
  4. Updated Help
Version 2.7.2 rerelease:
  1. Added 'Axis Dimension' Context menu for Heading, Legend, Plot Groups, Tabular Underneath
  2. Added 'Sort...' Context menu
  3. Altered Sort with Factoring
  4. Altered Sql Server Database open
  5. Altered Savefile Restore
  6. Enhanced Tooltips for Multi Plot
Version 2.7.1 rerelease:
  1. Added Legend with Tabular (if Middle/Top) option
  2. Added Reverse Vertical Legend order option
  3. Added Reverse Tabular Underneath order option
  4. Added Sort on all Values option
  5. Added Sort Plot Pieces on Group 1 option
  6. Altered Non-MDA Database element size from 2500 to 5000
  7. Altered Plot Group Titling
Version 2.7 rerelease:
  1. Added 'Sql Data Sources' (Non MDA Databases) as an optional primary data input source
  2. Added Columnar Grid Type to Grid Plot in addition to Cross Tab Grids for Non MDA Databases
  3. Added Save Form Image to a .jpg file
  4. Added Sort by Element Title (which includes Dates) as a sort option
  5. Added 'Print from Image' option to Print from Image or Redraw for Printer
  6. Altered Legend and Tabular ForeColor - Use Plot Piece Color Override option
  7. Altered Grid 'Print from Image' (after data sort)
  8. Enhanced Non-Mda Database load table or view
  9. Updated Help
Version 2.6.8 rerelease:
  1. Added 'Sql Data Source' option to 'New Plot Form Menu' - allows direct creation of plot (and MDA Database) from a Sql Data Source at opening menu
  2. Added Preferences option to predefine default 'Sql Data Source'
  3. Added CET Plot Type
  4. Updated Help
  5. Fix to Default Directory Use
  6. Enhanced GridPlot DropData feature
Version 2.6.7 rerelease:
  1. Fix for Sort in Grid Plot
Version 2.6.7 release:
  1. Added Color Palettes for Plot Pieces
  2. Added feature 'Create New Database - Add Elements' (for New MDA Database creation)
  3. Added Plot Piece Line Thickness Options
  4. Enhanced Tabular Under feature
  5. Enhanced MDA Database Creation
  6. Enhanced Sql Server MDA Database menu
  7. Enhanced Sql Server MDA Database usage
  8. Enhanced Element Selector
  9. Upgraded Menuing and Toolbar
  10. Updated Help
Version 2.6.5 release:
  1. Added Example Database and Savefiles to install
  2. Enhanced Default Directory Use
  3. Upgraded  to .Net Framework 4
Version 2.6.4 rerelease:
  1. Fix for 'Select All' in single dimension Element Selector
Version 2.6.4 release:
  1. Altered Excel Export
  2. Altered Limited Version 'Number of Dimensions' Restriction
Version 2.6.3 release:
  1. Upgraded Menuing and Toolbar
  2. Enhanced Excel Download
  3. Enhanced MDA Database Build
  4. Altered 'Plot Form Definition File' to 'Form Definition File'
Version 2.6.2 rerelease:
  1. Enhanced Pie Legend
  2. Enhanced Selector and MDA Database Creator
  3. Enhanced Tool Bar
  4. Added New Plot Type - 'Tabular Plot'
  5. Altered Grid Plot: Made Sizable, Allow Multiple Plots per Page, Plot Type name change
  6. Altered Diagonal Plot Group Titles
  7. Altered Trial Version to Limited Version (Limits: 200 Elements/Dim, 4 Dims, 300 Base Elements Total)
  8. Includes minor bug fixes
Version 2.6.1 release:
  1. Upgraded to .Net Framework 3.5
  2. Enhanced Preferences
  3. Enhanced Pie Plots
  4. Enhanced Scatter Plots
  5. Enhanced Bubble Plots
  6. Enhanced Plot Group Titles
  7. Enhanced Tabular options
  8. Enhanced Context Menus
  9. Added Leading and Trailing Tabular Characters option
  10. Altered MDAccess Icon
  11. Updated Help File
Version 2.6.0 release:
  1. Enhanced Toolbar
  2. Enhanced Tooltips
  3. Enhanced Multi-Page Plots
  4. Enhanced Multiple Plots Menu
  5. Enhanced Context Menu Items
  6. Enhanced Scaling
  7. Enhanced Line and Tabular Grid Plots
  8. Enhanced Legend
  9. Enhanced Biscaling
  10. Enhanced Plot Outlines
  11. Enhanced Help File
  12. Enhanced Printing Ability
  13. Enhanced Plot Section Drag and Drop
  14. Added Pictures, Picture Backgrounds for Plot Sections and Annotations
  15. Added Statistical Lines
  16. Added Calculation Types, including Percentage Plots
  17. Added Plot Frame Positioning
  18. Added Additional Plot Sections
  19. Includes several minor bug fixes