MDA Database Build

MDA Databases created by MDAccess from Sql input data.

MDA Databases

MDA (Multi-Dimensional) Access/Sql Server databases can be constructed from Excel spreadsheets that have at a minimum three columns, one of which is numeric and two are alphanumeric. They can also be built from data queried from a Sql database that results in multiple columns with at least two character columns to represent dimensions, and at lease one numeric column to represent a measure value. The option to 'Create New MDA Databases' is available in MDAccess under the 'Database' menu item.

MDA Databases can be built from:

  • Current MDA Database Selections - (the current subset of data selected in MDAccess)
  • External Sql Data Sources - (data that is not currently in an MDA Database)
  • From Scratch - (data entered by the user)

The method to build the MDA Database can be either