MDAccess Features


Features offered by MDAccess include...

  1. MDA Databases or Non MDA Databases as Source Data
        - MDAccess creates Charts and Reports from either type of source data.
  2. Flexible Element Selector
        - allows for easy manipulation of available database elements with various searching, sorting, sub setting capabilities.
  3. Seamless Plot Type Conversion
        - allows for easy change of one plot type to another.
  4. Easy Axis Rotation
        - allows for easy data view alteration.
  5. Calculations
        - allows for minor algebraic calculations including subtotaling of elements by attributes or individual selections, which combined with the MDA Database export function, allow for easy access to pre-calculated values.
  6. Change History
        - allows for easy Undo and Redo of alterations.
  7. Multiple Document Forms
        - allows for multiple forms showing multiple plots from multiple databases.
  8. Multiple Plots per Form
        - allows for multiple plots to be displayed in same form.
  9. Multi-Page Plots
        - allows for easy arrangement of multiple pages of plots within a plot.
  10. Plot and Plot Section Positioning as well as Plot and Plot Section Drag and Drop
  11. Easy Plot Form Definiton Save and Restore
  12. Excel Export Functionality
        - provides for easy export of data to Excel.
  13. Editable MDA Databases by Access or Sql Server Management Studio
  14. MDA Database Builds from External Data
        - allows data in Excel, Oracle, Sql Server, or Access databases to be used as input to build MDA Databases.
  15. MDA Database Builds from Existing MDA Databases
        - allows data to be subset or add Elements to MDA Databases.
  16. MDA Database Direct Editing
        - to build MDA Databases from Scratch or alter existing MDA Database Values.
  17. Context Sensitive Help
  18. Print Preview
  19. Annotations
        - easily positioned and arranged.
  20. Annotations with Background Pictures
  21. Pictures
        - easily added and positioned.
  22. Same Scaling across Multiple Plot Pages
        - optionally allows auto-scaling across any number of pages of plots.
  23. Text Group Formatting
        - allows various fonts, colors, and appearance features to be added to groups of function related text.
  24. Plot Sections with Coloration or Background Pictures
  25. Dynamic Plot Section, Plot Piece Tooltips
        - includes tabular as well as plot section tooltips.
  26. Statistical Lines

plus many more...
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