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Scheduling Worker Assignments

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Work Scheduler is used by Work Assigners/Managers to Make, Manage, Display, and Alter Worker Assignments for Jobs/Assignments. It's also used by Workers/Employees to View those Assignments and assist in Communication. It's designed for Workers/Employees with Assignments at various Sites for various Durations.

What It Does
  • Displays
  • Distributes
  • Updates
  • Reminds

Workers of their Assignments thru Email and the Web.

Demo Databases
(display example databases)
Trial Databases
(provide new databases)
Web Login
  • Easy to Use
  • Flexible
  • (Free)
  • Maps (with Directions)   
  • Reminder Emails
  • Group Emails
  • Cost Calculations
  • Unlimited JobSites
  • Employee Photos
  • Windows and Web Versions
  • Excel Downloads
  • Imports
  • Exports
  • Swap Whole Companies In
  • Swap Whole Companies Out

Creating, Importing, and Exporting
a Work Scheduler Database

Work Scheduler Intro
(Accessing WS Web Database
with WS Windows Software)

Web Version
The Web Version can be used...
  • By itself without the Windows Version.
  • By the Manager/Scheduler to Create, Edit, and Delete Assignments.
  • By the Employees to View Assignments.
  • To Import Database Chapters created by the Windows Version(s).
  • To Export Database Chapters from the Web Database to your local computer.
Available on the Work Scheduler Web Login Page are:

Windows Version
The Windows Version is...
  • Easy to Use.
  • Used by the Scheduler only.
  • Able to: Read, Edit, Upload Company Databases to and from, the Web Database.
Using Work Scheduler Windows Version by itself (without the Web Version) allows the Scheduler to use all the functions of Work Scheduler except displaying the information on the Web.

Work Scheduler Windows Version require the 'Microsoft .Net Framework 4 Client Profile' (or '.Net Framework 4').

The Framework may already be installed on your computer.
The install program will inform you if the Framework is not already on your computer.

Link to download and install Microsoft .Net Framework 4 Client Profile:
Microsoft .Net Framework 4 Client Profile

Windows Version - Register and Download - Free

  • Enter your Email Address.
  • Click 'Register and Receive Password in Email' button to receive your Password.
  • Enter your Password and click the Windows Icon.
  • Download should begin...
  • Double Click the downloaded file to start Installation.
Email Address:

Download and Install Work Scheduler Windows Version 2.8

Windows and Web Integration
  • Create, Alter, and Display the Employee and Site Schedules on the Web with the Web Version (or)
  • Create, Alter, and Distribute the Employee and Site Schedules with the Windows Version
  • Or Upload and Download Databases from one version to the other