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Recent Enhancements

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Version 2.9 release:
  1. Added Unavailable Multiple Days and Unavailable Multiple Days compression.
  2. Altered database read classes.
Version 2.8 release:
  1. Added Google Employee-AssignmentSite Distance and Time.
Version 2.6 release:
  1. Added Quick Add.
  2. Added AllList tab element counts.
  3. Altered Adding Jobs and Assignments.
Version 2.5 release:
  1. Added EmpHrlyRate on Assignment record - for Hrly Rate on Assignments based on Emp rate at JobEndTime.
  2. Added FlatRateFee on Job record - initial FlatRateFee for Assignments.
  3. Altered All List form all tabs - Moved 'Show All' buttons to left.
  4. Altered DB Create, Update.
  5. Altered Assignment, Job Import
  6. Altered Help.
Version 2.4 release:
  1. Added 'Export Assignments Paid Report' to Set Assignments form.
  2. Added All List Assignment Function 'Change Displayed Assignments to Paid'.
  3. Added All List Assignment Function 'Change Displayed Assignments to Not Paid'.
  4. Added All List Date Selection for Assignments and Jobs: 'On or Before'.
  5. Altered Assignment Function 'Show Assignments Not Paid' to display amount.
  6. Altered Selection Utility.
Version 2.3 rerelease:
  1. Corrected Link to Google Maps from Customer Site for Windows 10.
Version 2.3 rerelease:
  1. Added Image to AllList Emps Grid as Option.
  2. Altered Order Checks for all AllList Grids.
  3. Corrected Selection Utility.
Version 2.2 rerelease:
  1. Corrections to AllList Grids Sorting/Selecting.
Version 2.1 rerelease:
  1. Added Display IDs (DIDs). ID values are retained on Windows to Web migrations.
  2. Altered Refresh Flags for Items and Tables.
  3. Altered Help.
  4. Corrected AllList Customer Site sorting/selecting by Customer and Address fields.
Version 1.99 rerelease:
  1. Added Show Item IDs Option.
  2. Added Auto Create Job Title Option.
  3. Added (Auto Create Job Title) Include ID Option.
  4. Altered Help.
  5. Altered Assignment Time Conflicts.
  6. Corrected SiteAddEdit Adding new Sites.
  7. Corrected AllList Deletes.
  8. Corrected Team Membership Deletes.
Version 1.98 release:
  1. Altered AllList Job and Assignment Date Selection (On or After, On, or Before).
  2. Added Change JobDate and Delete Old Jobs form.
Version 1.97 release:
  1. Added UnAvailable Partial Days.
Version 1.96 release:
  1. Altered items classes.
  2. Added Source and Destination to Goggle Maps in AllList Assignments.
  3. Enhanced Picture Load and Display.
Version 1.95 release:
  1. Added Source and Destination to Goggle Maps where applicable.
Version 1.94 release:
  1. Altered and Consolidated Import Code.
  2. Altered Save Item Dialog.
  3. Altered AllList Date Sorting.
  4. Altered Employee Delete to optionally Delete associated Assignments.
Version 1.92 rerelease:
  1. Corrected Reminder Emails.
  2. Corrected Employee Function 'Assignments Not Paid'.
  3. Corrected Date Selection for non English(USA) Regions.
  4. Corrected Set Assignments
  5. Altered ET Menus - made larger.
  6. Altered Display Date Format in Employee, Job, Assignment Forms.
Version 1.91 release:
  1. Corrected Database Create for Access.
  2. Corrected AllList Selectors for Jobs and Assignments.
  3. Corrected Default JobEndDate.
  4. Altered Default FlatRate for New Assignments.
  5. Added Current Date to AllList Selectors for Jobs and Assignments.
Version 1.9 rerelease:
  1. Added Edit Checks for Employee and Assignment Form Fields.
  2. Added Announcements (used on web databases).
  3. Corrected 'Available Employees Only' option on Job and Assignment Forms.
  4. Corrected Problems with Team and Team Membership saves.
  5. Enhanced UnAvailable Days on Employee Form.
  6. Updated Help
Version 1.8 release:
  1. Added Sql Server Database Create and Open
  2. Added Multiple Companies per Database
  3. Added Imports for all Subjects and Companies
  4. Updated Help
Version 1.7 release - January 7, 2014 includes:
  1. Renamed Database Tables
Version 1.6 rerelease - July 31, 2013 includes:
  1. Corrected Calendar Day Background Color
Version 1.6 rerelease - July 16, 2013 includes:
  1. Added option to Display Schedules in Calendars
  2. Added option to Email Calendar and Text Schedules Embedded
  3. Added option to Send Group Emails to Employees, Site Contacts, Customer Contacts
  4. Enhanced Schedule menuing for Export, Email, Print functions
  5. Updated Help
Version 1.5 release - June 12, 2013 includes:
  1. Added SiteAddress to Export Available Fields list
  2. Added SiteAddress as hyperlink to Google Maps in Employee and Site Schedules and Employee Emails
  3. Added option 'Export and Email Text files as html files' (with SiteAddress as hyperlink)
  4. Added option to Inform User when Assignment Reminder Emails Sent
  5. Added option to Inform User when Assignment Reminder Emails Checked
  6. Added option to Email Employee when New Assignment is Made, Changed, or Reassigned
  7. Added option to 'Always Write Schedules before Emailing them or Printing them' in Program options
  8. Added to Tools menu buttons: 'Set Reminded Y/N', Added Reminded Field to Assignments Selection Table
  9. Added AllList Functions: 'Show Employees with Assignments Not Reminded', 'Show Assignments Not Reminded'
  10. Added menu item 'Check and Send Assignment Reminder Emails' to menu bar under 'Files/Email/To Employees'
  11. Added display of Reminder Sent flag on AllList Assignments Grid
  12. Added ReminderSent checkbox to JobAddEdit and AssAddEdit forms
  13. Added Test Email button
  14. Added Assignment Reminder Emails to Limited Version
  15. Added Create Assignments option in 'SetAssignments' form
  16. Altered Clear Assignments
  17. Altered Export Assignments to request fields
  18. Enhanced AutoExport
  19. Updated Help
Version 1.4 rerelease - June 7, 2012 includes:
  1. Restricted available values in 'All List Menu' dropdowns to those with data given other dropdown's constraints
  2. Altered Job Change check
Version 1.3 release - May 8, 2012 includes:
  1. Added Location to Customer Site Information
Version 1.1 rerelease - June 29, 2011 includes:
  1. Updated Selector Utility
  2. Altered Employee Assignment Conflicts
  3. Altered Hours Worked Calculation
Version 1.1 release - May 03, 2011 includes:
  1. Upgraded to .Net Framework 4
Version 1.0 release - April 26, 2011 includes:
  1. Initial Version