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Recent Enhancements

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Version 3.55c release:
  1. Added Resposive Design to Trial Database Request form.
  2. Added Google Ref-GameSite Distance and Time.
  3. Added MultiLineRows for Grid Views.
  4. Added Employee Help.
  5. Added Unavailable Multiple Days and Unavailable Multiple Days compression.
  6. Added B&W Schedule Emails.
  7. Altered WN_AllList subject selection for Phones and Showless
  8. Altered picture in Grids.
  9. Altered WN_Preferences email.
  10. Altered UnAvailable Days selection menus for mobile devices.
  11. Altered Message and Question displays.
  12. Altered Job and Assignment headings.
  13. Altered View Grids for Show less.
  14. Altered Columns display for Show Less, EmpLists.
  15. Altered Email - consolidated.
  16. Altered database read classes.
  17. Altered WN_{Subject}AddEdit.aspx to put Selector, Arrows, Buttons, Open, Close at Top.
  18. Altered Export and Import menus.
  19. Altered Save Check.
Version 3.44 release:
  1. Added Responsive Design Enhancements.
Version 3.2 release:
  1. Added Tabs to WN_AllList and WN_EmpLists.
  2. Added Arrows: First, Previous, Next, Last to WN_EmpScheduler, WN_Calendar.
  3. Added Links to WN_EmpScheduler, WN_Calendar.
  4. Added Email to WN_EmpScheduler, WN_Calendar.
  5. Added Test Email to WN_Preferences.
Version 3.13 release:
  1. Added Bootstrap.
  2. Added Features.
Version 3.0 release:
  1. Added Reminder Emails.
  2. Added Hyperlinks to {subject}AddEdit.aspx pages.
  3. Added Show Item IDs Option.
  4. Altered Date Selection (On or After, On, or Before).
Version 2.96 release:
  1. Added Change All JobDates Page.
  2. Added Delete Jobs X Months Old Option.
  3. Altered AllList Date Selection.
Version 2.94 release:
  1. Added UnAvailable Partial Days.
Version 2.93 release:
  1. Added Export Company Data
  2. Enhanced Picture Load
Version 2.92 release:
  1. Added Source and Destination to Goggle Maps
  2. Added Import Page with Uploads of .mdb, .txt files
  3. Added AllList Assignment function 'Show Assignments with Employee 'None''
  4. Added optional 'None' for Employee in an Assignment (to be consistent with Windows Version)
  5. Altered Employee Delete to remove from Teams, TeamLead, Assignments (change to None)
Version 2.5 release:
  1. Added Announcements Feature
  2. Added Email Messages for Schedulers
  3. Added Forgot Password button
  4. Altered Email Menu
  5. Altered Addresses to Hyperlinks
Version 2.2 release:
  1. Altered Database Design
  2. Added 'On or After' checkbox to 'All List Form' Jobs, Assignment Grids - for JobStartDates
  3. Added Current Date and 'Show Past Job StartDates' to forms with Schedules or Calendars
  4. Added Default Schedules or Calendars to be Current & Future Assignments
  5. Added Email Customer Site Schedules and Calendars
  6. Updated Help
Version 2.1 release:
  1. Renamed Database Tables
Version 2.0 release:
  1. Added HyperLinks in all Grids
Version 1.8 release:
  1. Added Calendar
  2. Added Employee, Customer, Customer Site Displays to Employee Menu
  3. Added Individual Employee, Customer, Customer Site Displays to Employee Menu
  4. Altered 'Add, Show, Edit' Employee, Customer, Customer Site Menus
  5. Altered Main Menu heading
  6. Altered Login Menu
  7. Altered About Menu
Version 1.4 release:
  1. Altered page updates for Main Message
  2. Altered page updates for 'All List Form'
Version 1.3 release:
  1. Added Location to Customer Site Information
  2. Updates and Corrections
Version 1.2 release:
  1. Initial Version