Work Scheduler Features


Features offered by Work Scheduler include...

  1. Schedules and Calendars for Employees and Customer Sites
        - Display, Export, Email, Print Schedules - in List or Calendar form.
  2. Excel Export Functionality
        - allows for easy export of Employees, Employee Schedules, Teams, Team Memeberships, Sites, Site Schedules, Customers, Jobs, Assignments to Excel.
  3. Importing entire Companies, or individual Subject lists (i.e. Employees, Customers, Customer Sites)
        - allows easy Importing of Company or Subject lists from Existing Databases, Excel Files, or Text Files into New Databases.
  4. Easy Site and Job Creation Utilities
        - allows automatic creation of Sites and Jobs for selected Customer and Sites.
  5. Database Company Preferencing
        - allows Scheduler/Manager to set completely different preferences for each Database Company.
  6. Program Preferencing *
        - allows Scheduler/Manager to set preferences for entire program.
  7. Flexible Element Selector *
        - allows for easy selection and manipulation of Employees and Sites with various searching, sorting, subsetting capabilities.
  8. Tracks Employee Availablity
        - allows for setting Employees unavailable days. allows Employee to set available time.
  9. Context Sensitive Help File
        - gives immediate Help based on the current user interface context
  10. Unlimited Work Scheduler Databases *
        - allows Easy Automatic Creation of Unlimited Work Scheduler Databases...
  11. Auto Email Employee and Site Schedules
        - allows easy emailing of Schedules to Employees, and Site Contacts.
  12. Auto Email Job Assignments or Updates
        - allows automatic emailing of Job Assignments and Updates to Individual Employees, or all Employees on that Job.
  13. Auto Email Database *
        - allows automatic emailing of Work Scheduler Access Database for migration to Web Version.
  14. Auto Printing
        - allows automatic printing of Excel and Text, Employee and Site Schedules to printer
  15. Multiple Employee Selection Functions
        - allows selection of Employees... without email, with no Assignments, displays # of Assignments, without meeting attendance...
  16. Multiple Job Selection Functions
        - allows selection of Jobs... without Employees assigned, Select by Site, Customer, Date...
  17. Multiple Assignment Selection Functions
        - allows selection of Assignments... by Employee, Site, Customer, Date...
  18. Optional Assignment Reminder Emails *
        - emails that remind employees of assignments X number of days before job time.
  19. Optional Automatic New Assignment, Job Change, or Job Unassigned Emails *
        - emails that inform the Employees of New Assignments, Essential Job Change information, or Unassigment from jobs.
  20. Calendar Display of Schedules
        - Display, Export, Email, Print Employee and Site Schedules in Calendar format.
  21. Group Email *
        - Email messages to groups of Employees, Customer Site Contacts, and/or Customer Contacts.
  22. Multiple Companies *
        - Multiple Companies may exist in each Database.
  23. Import Data
        - Import Web Database Companies from local Work Scheduler Access Databases, or Import Subject Lists from Text files.
  24. Export Data
        - Export Web Database Companies to Work Scheduler Access Database and email Access Database to Manager.
* (Applies to Windows Version)

plus many more...

Windows Version and Web Version