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Structurally Sound offers Applications for:

  • Scheduling Sports Officials
  • Scheduling Company Employees
  • Charting

There's a Windows Version and a Web Version for each application type (free).

To download the Windows Version or use the Web Version - see the application's 'About' page. Check out the web version's 'Demo Databases' - to show the application working with existing data, or try out the 'Trial Databases' - where data elements can be added or deleted with your own data.

'Trial Databases' can easily be changed to 'Permanent Databases' (free) to continue using the application beyond the trial period. Feel free to try them out.

The Scheduling Applications

Available in two versions

Ref Scheduler is a product for Referee Assigners, that creates referee assignment schedules for School, Club, or League sports games and displays those schedules on the web. It displays, distributes, confirms, updates, and reminds referees of their assignments thru email and the web.

Available in two versions

Work Scheduler is a product for Managers and Work Schedulers, that creates work assignment schedules for Employees and displays those schedules on the web. It displays, distributes, updates, and reminds employees/workers of their assignments thru email and the web.
The Charting Applications


MDAccess is a Multi-Dimensional reporting program. It can be applied to a data source, producing Multi-Dimensional charts and reports in a flexible, easy to use fashion.

MDAccess can be used to either:
  • Query data from database Views or Tables into Multi-Dimensional Charts and Reports or...
  • Query data from databases into Multi-Dimensional (MDA) databases, and create Multi-Dimensional Charts and Reports from those (MDA) databases.

A Web Application

ChartIt is the web version of MDAccess. It queries data from web accessible Sql Server database Views or Tables. Presenting the data in Multi-Dimensional Charts and Reports.
Windows Applications

The Windows Applications require the installation of the .Net Framework which may already be installed, or preinstalled on your computer. The applications will inform you at time of installation if a new version of the .Net Framework needs to be installed. The .Net Framework is provided by Microsoft, and may be installed from the available links on each application page.