Ref Scheduler Features


Features offered by Ref Scheduler include...

  1. Schedules and Calendars for Refs, Teams, and GameSites
        - Display, Export, Email, Print Schedules - in List or Calendar form.
  2. Excel Export Functionality
        - allows for easy export of Refs, Ref Schedules, Teams, Team Schedules, Sites Site Schedules, Schools, Games, or Assigments to Excel.
  3. Easy Team and Game Creation Utilities
        - allows automatic creation of Teams and Games for selected Schools/Clubs and Teams.
  4. Importing entire Chapters, or individual Subject lists (i.e. Refs, Schools, Teams)
        - allows easy Importing of Chapter or Subject lists from Existing Databases, Excel Files, or Text Files into New Databases.
  5. Optional Auto Assignment
        - allows auto assignment of Refs to Games without Refs.
  6. Database Chapter Preferencing
        - allows Assigner to set completely different preferences for each Database Chapter.
  7. Program Preferencing
        - allows Assigner to set preferences for entire program.
  8. Flexible Element Selector *
        - allows for easy selection and manipulation of Refs and Teams with various searching, sorting, subsetting capabilities.
  9. Tracks Ref Availablity
        - allows for setting Refs unavailable days. allows Ref to set available time.
  10. Context Sensitive Help
        - gives immediate Help based on the current user interface context.
  11. Unlimited Ref Scheduler Databases *
        - allows Easy Automatic Creation of Unlimited Ref Scheduler Databases.
  12. Auto Email Ref, Team, and GameSite Schedules
        - allows easy emailing of Schedules to Refs, Team Coaches, and GameSite Athletic Directors.
  13. Auto Email Game Assignments or Updates
        - allows automatic emailing of Game Assignments and Updates to Individual Refs, or all Refs on that Game.
  14. Auto Printing
        - allows automatic printing of Schedule, Calendar, or Excel list of Ref, Team, or GameSite Schedules to printer.
  15. Optional Game Reminder Emails
        - emails that remind Refs of assignments X number of days before game time.
  16. Optional Automatic New Assignment, Game Change, or Game Unassigned Emails
        - emails that inform the Refs of New Assignments, Essential Game Change information, or Unassigment from games.
  17. Group Email *
        - Email messages to groups of Refs, Team Coaches, and/or School/Club/League ADs.
  18. Auto Email Database *
        - allows automatic emailing of Ref Scheduler Access Database - for migration to Web Version or evaluation purposes.
  19. Multiple Ref Selection Functions
        - allows selection of Refs... without email, with no games, displays # of games, without meeting attendance...
  20. Multiple Game Selection Functions
        - allows selection of Games... without Refs assigned, Select Games by Ref, Team, School, Date...
  21. Sites List
        - Unlimited GameSites are available - Associated or Unassociated with Schools/Club/Leagues.
  22. Ref Confirm and Turnbacks **
        - ability for Refs to confirm or turnback game assignments.
  23. Multiple Chapters *
        - Multiple Chapters may exist in each Database.
  24. Import Data
        - Import Web Database Chapters from local Ref Scheduler Access Databases, or Import Subject Lists from Text files.
  25. Export Data
        - Export Web Database Chapters to Ref Scheduler Access Database and email Access Database to Assigner.
  26. Payment Reports *
        - Assignments Payed and Not Payed Reports in Excel SpreadSheets.
  27. SMS Text Messaging **
        - Text Messages about Assignments sent to Refs by Assigners.
* (Applies to Windows Version only)
** (Applies to Web Version only)

plus many more...
Windows Version and Web Version