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Version 6.27a release:
  1. Added 'Allow Coaches and AD Logins' in Preferences.
  2. Added 'Allow Coaches to View Refs Info' in Preferences.
  3. Added 'Allow Refs to View Teams Info' in Preferences.
  4. Added Login to accept Firstname Lastname also.
  5. Added DistTime check for change of Ref, Site, Org. Address.
  6. Added Rotate to Ref & Player Image.
  7. Altered Spectator View.
  8. Altered Message and Question at top of pages.
  9. Altered Stacked and Indexed Help.
  10. Altered Team Name to remove Org. if only one Org..
  11. Altered shorter game titles for mobile device or when ShowLess is checked.
  12. Altered button appearances.
Version 6.15b release:
  1. Added Leagues as a Subject Type.
  2. Added Grid Colors option.
  3. Altered 'Delete Selected and UnAssigned' button.
  4. Altered Team Type to League.
  5. Altered organization of 'Preferences' options.
Version 6.0 release:
  1. Added more Responsive Design features for mobile use.
Version 5.97 release:
  1. Added Blocks & Preferences Option: 'Blocked', 'Preferred', 'Not Preferred' Ref selections for: Other Refs, Organizations, Teams, and/or Sites.
  2. Added Block Option for Organizations to Block Refs.
Version 5.92 release:
  1. Added Enable/Disable Turnbacks/Confirm by Refs in Preferences.
  2. Altered Ref Schedule checkbox locations.
  3. Altered Login, Ref Schedule, Calendar presentation on phones.
  4. Altered Request DB menu titling.
Version 5.69 release:
  1. Altered Ref Schedule and Calendar Selectors.
Version 5.68 release:
  1. Added to Preferences - Selected DateFormat.
  2. Added HomeTeamSite as default gamesite.
  3. Added 'Class' to select Refs'.
  4. Added SMS Texting.
  5. Altered UnAvailable Days selection.
  6. Altered Ref Schedule and Calendar Titling.
  7. Altered GameAddEdit and AssAddEdit Heading titles.
Version 5.57 rerelease:
  1. Added 'View' to Main Menu.
  2. Added 'Delete UnAvailable Days' to 'Date Functions'.
  3. Added All List Assignment Function 'Change Displayed Assignments to Paid'.
  4. Added All List Assignment Function 'Change Displayed Assignments to Not Paid'.
  5. Added All List Date Selection for Assignments and Games: 'On or Before'.
  6. Altered Main Menu Display.
  7. Altered Unconfirmed Schedule Games to display in LightGoldenRodYellow.
  8. Altered GameAddEdit, AssAddEdit Heading.
  9. Altered Assignment Function 'Show Assignments Not Paid' to display amount.
  10. Altered Notify Refs of Essential Game change.
  11. Altered Game DateTime change.
Version 5.5 release:
  1. Added Players
  2. Added Spectator - View Schedule
  3. Added 'Available Refs Only' to Preferences
  4. Altered Imports
  5. Altered Login
  6. Altered RefGameEmail.aspx email preview
  7. Altered Help
Version 5.4 release:
  1. Added First/Previous/Next/Last arrows to RN_SubjAddEdit, RN_RefSchedule and RN_Calender
  2. Added Mail, Mail All, to RN_RefSchedule and RN_Calender.
  3. Added email address to Ref 'Username' Login.
  4. Added Tabs.
  5. Altered Save/Delete/Help in RN_SubjAddEdit.
  6. Corrected AllRef Check Boxes for Notified, Confirmed, Reminded, Paid.
Version 5.28 release:
  1. Added images to buttons.
  2. Added Assigner 'Email To' Address.
  3. Corrected Logout when Enter key pressed.
Version 5.26b release:
  1. Added Team NickName.
  2. Updated Database.
  3. Enhanced/Altered Interface Menus.
Version 5.22c release:
  1. Added Bootstrap.
  2. Added MessageAvail to RefAddEdit.aspx Availability section.
  3. etc.
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